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How do I book my tattoo? 
All bookings are preferred in studio, inquires can be made over the phone and internet, no bookings can be made online or over the phone

Is there a waiting list or can I walk in? 
Most of the gang are booked 1-12 weeks in advance. If we have a walk in day, it will be published on our social media as well as unique flash days and last minute reschedules. 

Can you help me design my tattoo? 
All our designs and artwork is customised to each client, prescriptive to each individuals ideas and all clients are guided by their artist for the best results. 

How much will my tattoo cost? 
We all work by a flexible hourly rate which reflects our levels of experience and we have a minimum charge of £40. All tattoos are priced by the artist who is doing the tattoo, a quote can be given in studio prior to booking date, deposits are lost if booking is cancelled less than 48 hours before booking or there is a no show situation. 

Do you do cover ups? 
We are happy to do cover ups, however it is not always possible. Honest advice is given in studio by all our artists. We don't and can't say yes to every idea, but will do our best for you. 

Can I bring someone with me when I get tattooed? 
All our clients are allowed a wingman to help and support you through your tattoo appointment but we are not up for full on entourages and no-one under the age of 18.

Do I need an appointment for a consultation? 
All tattoo consultations are free in studio, some may require further planning but your artist will inform you if this is necessary. 

Do I have to pay a deposit? 
All bookings require a cash or PayPal deposit and are adjusted to suit each booking. 

Should I eat before I get my tattoo? 
Food if fuel and important (and we don't mean 14 mars bar and a coke/energy drinks, we mean a healthy balanced breakfast or lunch). It is advised that you bring refreshments i.e. water, we do have hot drink on tap and plenty of lollies. 

Do you sell gift vouchers? 
We do sell gift vouchers that can be purchased either in studio or via our PayPal and sent by post. They are available with all artists and have a 6 month expiry date. 

What clothing should I wear on the day? 
Please be aware of where your tattoo is being done and ask advice on what to wear or bring with you. Don't wear your best jeans or favourite t-shirt or top as there is no guarantee it will leave ink free. Being comfortable is most important. Bring an extra layer (jumper or hoodie) as your body temperature can change once you start being tattooed and being cold sucks. 

What happens if I feel sick? 
Our main priority is your experience with us is a happy one. Everyone deals with getting tattooed differently, we are all human too and have at some point all felt a little crappy, it is nothing to be embarrassed about. Your artist will frequently ask you how you're feeling and take good care of you throughout your visit to us. 

Can we stop for a break? 
Breaks are good for both artist and client to have a stretch, a wee or a cuppa. If you need to leave the studio for any reason during your session, your tattoo will be wrapped until you return. 

My tattoo is private, can you accommodate for this?
We have a station which can be made private as long as we are made aware prior to your appointment. 

Do I need to protect my tattoo from the sun? 
As great as having a tan looks, we strongly advice you always use a sun screen. If you have sunburn, you will be turned away on your tattoo appointment as you'll have damaged your skin and it cannot be tattooed. The sun rays are very strong and on a new tattoo can be damaging as the new skin is delicate, therefore, keep them covered folks! 

Will my tattoo fade? 
e would always ask to see your tattoo healed anyway, but as the tattoo heals it will change slightly from when it is fresh. All these things are explained by your artist and any touch ups are free of charge if the aftercare has been done as advised. All skin types differ as do tattoos and some techniques which are required can take longer to heal than others. 

What is the aftercare for my new tattoo? 
Fresh and new tattoos are open wounds which need looking after. They have cost you money and caused you pain. We will advice you before you leave on how to look after your new tattoo and are available 7 days a week via our social media for online advise, if you have any worries, concerns or questions about your tattoo. Some people and tattoos take longer to heal than others and you can have discomfort for more days than others too.